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2020 Racing Events

Lucrative payback for Colorado-bred runners and their registered (accredited) Colorado broodstock dams and sires!



       * Foal must be born in the state of Colorado

       * Foal’s dam must be accredited as Colorado brood-stock

       * Owners need not be Colorado residents  - bring your mares to Colorado for foaling


If you currently own a Colorado-bred horse, you are in luck:

       * Nominate your horse (age 1yr and older) through January 31, 2020 for only $50

        (a 1 time special offer with the return of the Colorado-bred racing Arabian program)

       * Nominate weanlings fo $20

       * This is a one-time nomination fee, registration is for the lifetime of the horse


For all the details go to: coloradoarabianbreeders.org and click on CO-BRA RACING tab.


Breed Registrar:

Jim Gromelski