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Operational Statement

The Colorado Arabian Breeders Alliance was established in 2006 as a Colorado registered non-profit organization to address the trend of declining numbers of registered Purebred and Half Arabian horses.

Our target audience was initially the Colorado Breeders. Our approach was multi-faceted with the goal  of stimulating breeding and reversing that trend with emphasis on education, breeding selection, showing and, by all means, enjoying being a proud Arabian Breeder and Owner.

During the years 2006 through 2011, the competition was known as the Colorado Breeders Cup (CBC), was only for Purebred horses, and hosted a diverse offering of events to include Halter (weanling through 3 year old), Junior Horse Performance (3 through 5 year old in Western, Hunter, and English Pleasure and Reining), Endurance and Racing. The basis for funding paybacks was selling solicited stallion breedings for half the advertised breeding price (only progeny of those stallions whose breeding sold were eligible to compete) and entry fees. The six year run of that initial program resulted in  paybacks in excess of $125,000 with a high year payback of $40,000.  With the economic decline starting in 2009, slowing our entries and auction results, our efforts were put on hold until 2015. 


The CABA organization was never disbanded and that year (2015) a core group consisting of previous Board Members decided to attempt rejuvenating a variation of the original program.


The current Futurity is named the Arabian Breeders Challenge, for Purebred and HA/AA horses, and hosts breeding in hand classes for Weanling through 3 year olds. The basis for the program is to nominate in utero through 2 year old horses between October 1 and January 31 of the following year for eligibility to compete in the same year that January nominations close. The 2015 inaugural year offered 4 yearling classes, 2 Purebred and 2 HA, with 9 entries and $4000 in prize money. 2016 saw 22 halter entries, only one of which was a weanling, and a little over $8,400 in paybacks. A performance (ATR) Hunter Pleasure Jackpot was introduced to add fun and stimulate performance competition, offering a class purse of $1500; total paid $9,992.  In 2017, futurity halter entries totaled 29, weanlings increased to a whopping 12, an additional Jackpot class was added (ATR Western Pleasure) to the Hunter Pleasure and the combined payout for all classes was $12,000. And, to add to the fun, both Performance Jackpot classes invited Purebred and HA/AA to compete together!  Last year, 2018 Futurity Halter entries totaled 24 and the payback was $11,000.


Expectations are high for 2019!!!


CABA has expanded Futurity eligibility to all Arabian and Half-Arabian horses registered with AHA.

The Futurity Breeding-In-Hand Classes, renamed the Arabian Breeders Challenge, for ages Yearling through 3 Year Old, will be held at the Region 8 Championship Show in June. The Jackpot classes will continue to be offered but now run by Region 8. 

All the aged horses Breeders Challenge classes will be held on Saturday evening, June 8th, at Region 8 in the main arena for an even more exciting competition this year.


Weanling classes will continue to be held in September at a Colorado Class-A show.


The 2019  class lineup will showcase 78 nominations, and if all of the nominated aged horses participate at the Region 8 event, we are looking at 46 entries with the biggest class hosting Purebred Yearling Fillies at 9 and followed by Purebred Yearling Colts/Geldings with 10.

If you own a horse registered with AHA, you are cordially invited to come join us in Denver at Region 8 for future Arabian Breeders Challenge Futurity competition. You won’t be disappointed.  

We have also added support for the Colorado-Bred Racing Arabians for 2019.  Please see the separate tab titled CO-BRA Racing

for more information.

My warmest regards,

Jim Gromelski  

For The Colorado Arabian Breeders Alliance Board Of Directors