Racing the Rockies

Arabian Racing in Colorado

June 8 - August 26 2020

Arabians Racing at Arapahoe Park

Stall Applications currently being accepted.


Barn area is open as of May 1st.

Announcing our special Emirates Breeders Stakes for 2020:

  •     Emirates Breeders Arabian Derby - August 1oth

  •     Emirates Breeders Arabian Maiden Stakes - August 24th

  •     Emirates Breeders Arabian VIP Stakes - August 26th

New Arabian Racing Cup races will be announced soon. Additional stakes are in the planning, as well as additional purse money; keep checking back.

We have a great summer meet planned with all the races we can fill.

If you're in need of training for your Arabian Racehorse, the following trainers will be available for the 2020 season at Arapahoe Park:

Bryan Braithwaite

Ken Danyluk

Simon Hobson

David Kaden

Mark Kulow

Renee LaFleur-Diaz

Hope Misner

Scott Powell 

Russell Vicchrilli 


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